Friday, June 13, 2008

Americanized Mexican: OSO and Taco Inn

I've had Americanized Mexican food twice in as many days and was happy with both experiences. Last night I ate at OSO, and today I had Taco Inn.

OSO (forgot my camera):

I love love love fish tacos, but I was craving OSO's soft flour tortilla, so I got the mini fish burrito. I love that the offer a mini burrito, since the regular size is just too big and some people (ahem) can't control themselves. I have a problem with branching out when I go to OSO, but I hear that their curry tofu burrito is excellent (my friend Katie swears by it). What do you like to order at OSO? They also have a nice atmosphere and a good selection of Mexican beers. It rivals Yia Yia's as the best place to eat, drink, and people-watch on a summer evening in Lincoln.

Taco Inn:

Taco Inn is my favorite fast-food-Americanized taco joint. During my drinking days, nothing cured a hangover better than a big mess of nachos made with the flour chips. If I had to describe Taco Inn in three words they would be cheap, local, and satisfying.

"A Lincoln Original since 1976"-- just like me!

My friend ordered the chicken enchilada, one of my favs. It's a little flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and cream cheese and smothered in enchilada sauce and is totally worth the heartburn it gives you. The $5 chicken enchilada meal is a crap-ton of food.

Sorry about the blurry pics

I ordered a taco and the combo burrito. The burrito was...meh. It was just a tortilla wrapped around some beans and taco meat. For some reason I thought there was supposed to be more stuff in there. I should have read the menu more closely. The taco was delicious as always. I think they're the best Americanized tacos I've ever had-- far better than Taco Bell or Taco John's. The meat is fresh and not too greasy, the shell is always light and crunchy, and there's always a good quantity of cheese. Their kick-ass taco sauce makes them even better. I eat it at a ratio of 2-3 packets per taco.

Neither of these places are as good as a good authentic place like Super Taco, but they aren't the same thing. If you're in the mood for a good old fashioned hard shell taco or a great big burrito filled with international specialty ingredients, both of these places are nice to have around.


julee said...

My favorite thing to get at OSO is the curry burrito. The ginger salsa is sooo good.

Chris said...

I remember the original Taco Inn at 14th and R. What a dump! There was always lettuce all over the floor.

Mr. T said...

Totally agree with you on Taco Inn. It is a good Americanized Mexican fast food chain and definitely better than Taco Hell, Taco Johns, and Amigos. I still prefer Taco Time however for fast food Americanized Mexican. That is a chain out in the NW and closest one to NE is probably Utah. They pop up all over the world however. I used to visit one when I lived in Bangkok.

Ate at Oso today. Had the fish burrito with curry sauce and also some of the garlic salsa. Great stuff. Love fish tacos/burritos!

Anne & Mike said...

mmm there's a taco time 3 blocks from my house. sarah, if you come vist we'll go there. they have a crispy meat taco that's to die for. it's taco meat rolled in a flour tortilla and flash fried.