Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch at St. E's

Talk about service! When I entered, I was ushered into my private dining room with a lovely view of East Lincoln.

My lovely servers set me up with my beverage right away.

The menu was limited: a big bowl of cream of tomato soup, mac and cheese, or BBQ beef on a crusty roll. I chose the mac and cheese with a cup of the soup, and a side of green beans and chilled peaches.

The soup was the Campbelliest, the beans the Green-Giantiest, and the peaches the Del-Montiest. The mac and cheese was kinda tangy.

My lunch may have had its issues, but how many servers take your dirty dishes, then check to make sure your heart rate and breathing sound okay? And they're soooo pretty too!


Chris said...

Sending you good thoughts Sarah. Oh yeah, tangy hospital mac & cheese? BLECK!! :)

Mr. T said...

That is a little odd that the food choices would be so unhealthy. I understand that the rationale is to serve people comfort food, but canned green beans and mac and cheese? Ugh.

Anyway, get well soon!

Gene said...

Get well soon! I hear we have a mutual friend in Holly.