Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Dog House

After a morning of hitting the garage sales (found a Heywood-Wakefield head and foot board for $10-- w00t!), my friend suggested we try out The Dog House. I do love hot dogs.

The restaurant is really just a hole in the wall of the Sinclair gas station at 40th and A with a bench outside of it.

They have Nathan's kosher hot dogs and half pound hot dogs with a variety of ingredients. I got a Nathan's, done up Chicago style, but forgot to ask for no tomatoes. I'll have to wait until I go to Chicago in a few weeks to get the kind I really like with the florescent green relish, but this will tide me over until then.

My friend got the half pound chili dog, which needed to be consumed with a knife and fork. That thing has got to be bigger than a half pound. It was like a freakin' wall of flesh!

I don't really have anything else to say, except that I've noticed that most people who make a living selling hot dogs are really nice people: the folks that man the little hot dog carts outside the bars on weekend nights are always so nice to the drunk folks, the people at The Dog House donate all their tips to the Humane Society... Hot dog people are good people.


Mr. T said...

No offense to the folks at the Dog House, but that last photo is pretty disturbing. That is just insane.

Tyler said...

The Dog House is one of my favorite places to eat for a quick, cheap, and filling meal. Emphasis on the filling part, especially if you order the Junk Yard Dog.

I have tried almost all of the half-pound hot dog variants that they offer so far, but the Chow Hound Chili Dog is probably my favorite. The BBQ sandwich is delicious too. Not only are the dogs good, but the experience of going there tops everything off. The staff and owners are always very friendly. I recommend taking a group of friends, ordering a root beer with your meal, and wait outside for your meal and strike up a conversation with whomever is working, they all seem to be very pleasant people.

Tanya said...

You make me want to explore Lincoln. It is so close yet I never seem to get there. I love divey little hotdog places. I will check it out!