Friday, June 27, 2008

Sips 'n' Subs

I've been driving by Sips & Subs for years. It's on 33rd and B, right next to the pawn shop and across the street from the bike shop. I wanted to go someplace new and cheap on this day-- perfect.

Sips & Subs is a very casual place, as its name implies. It kind of reminds me of walking to the deli counter at Ideal when I went to Lincoln High to choose from their huge variety of sandwiches, except that Sips & Subs has a cute little dining room with '50s chrome tables. They serve soup, all-day breakfast, and ice cream as well.

The sandwich stop has a very small-town feel. The food is very simple, but toothsome, and the service is incredibly friendly. Most of the people there seemed like they go there every day. I got a half egg salad on sourdough and some coleslaw. Both were irreproachable: the egg salad was had a rustic, vinnegary taste and the bread was fresh-- youthful almost, the coleslaw was both creamy and tart. My friend got a cajun turkey sandwich with the works. I didn't try it, but she said it was charming.

Cute plates!

Next time you need a your bike fixed, or a used gun, stop into Sips & Subs for an appetizing meal.

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